USITT Forum@Four: Sisters United Through 3D Scanning & Printing

Come learn about how Kent State University partnered with Opera di Santa Croce to create a 3D-printed replica of Pio Fedi’s "Liberty of Poetry," believed to be the inspiration of the Statue of Liberty. Pio Fedi’s “Libertá” was 3D scanned on-site over the course of three days in Florence, Italy. The scans were used to create a nearly full-scale 3D-printed reproduction which was then scenic-painted. By breaking silos of science, art, and industry, nearly 40 individuals worked on the exhibit. The 9-foot-tall replica is currently a special exhibit at the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum through September 2020.



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April 23, 2020
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Tammy Honesty is an Assistant Professor of Scenic Design who teaches scenic design, scenic painting, and props at Kent State University. She earned her MFA in Scenic Design from West Virginia University and BA in Theatre from Wilmington College. In 2018, Tammy co-authored The Fake Food Cookbook: Props You Can’t Eat for Theatre, Film, and TV. Recent projects include Gloria: A Life and designing the set for the world premieres of Family Ties and Banned from Baseball for the Human Race Theatre Company. She has designed ten shows for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s Touring Company. Her New York credits include Ghosts (Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Off-Off Broadway). Regionally, Tammy has designed repeatedly at the Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, OH. Her regional design work has earned a Cincinnati Acclaim Award, USITT OVS Board’s Choice Award, Peggy Ezekiel Awards of Outstanding Achievement, and was showcased in the World Stage Design 2013 and the USA-USITT PQ 2019 galleries.


Joshua Talbott is a Northeast Ohio native, family man, and serial technical innovator. Josh began his career as a tradesman in electronics and through the opportunities provided at various employers in the fields of digital media, manufacturing engineering, and information technology, he has transformed himself into a technical solutions provider and inventor. He is currently employed at Kent State University where he obtained his Masters of Technology and currently leads the academic information technology team at the largest college within the university. Josh also teaches technical college courses from time to time. His interests and experiences are broad. Mr. Talbott specializes at being a “generalist” and believes that varied experiences are where new ideas are born. Applying the Pareto principle, Josh digs in and dives deep into technical and complex nuance when the needs demand it.


Dr. Robert Clements is a neuroscientist who teaches and performs research at Kent State University. He develops and uses different three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques to understand diseases of the brain, for virtual and physical reconstruction as well as education. Dr. Clements’ research aims to visualize our brains’ three-dimensional structure for better disease diagnosis and therapies as well as improve how we learn, experience, and perceive 3D environments and objects.


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USITT Forum@Four: Sisters United Through 3D Scanning & Printing
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