LEVEL 2: eSET Wardrobe examination

eSET Level 2 - Wardrobe

Wardrobe online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool. The questions are multiple-choice and true/false questions covering topics such as:

  • Name the Equipment or Stitches Illustrated
  • Costume Shop/ Studio Terminology
  • Identify Common Historical Garments and Accessories
  • Wardrobe Terms and Techniques
  • Basic Construction Terms and Techniques
  • Knowledge of Hardware, Tools, & Safety


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February 25, 2020
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eSET Level Wardrobe Technician

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Accommodations: If you require assistance to take the exam or require accommodations to allow for an accurate assessment of your knowledge of this content, please contact info@usitt.org to make arrangements before starting the exam.


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Candidates must take and pass the Level 1 Basics & Safety Exam before attempting a Level 2 - Wardrobe Technician online exam. Those holding a Level 2 certificate will be eligible to take the Level 3 - Wardrobe Technician practical exam.


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eSET Wardrobe Technician Working Group  [ view bio ]
Wardrobe Technician Exam Sample Questions


1. The person responsible for creating patterns in the costume shop is:
Choose one answer:
a)    Shopper         
b)    Wardrobe Head         
c)    Stitcher         
d)    Cutter/Draper        

2. Items used to fasten a costume, such as hooks & bars, zippers, buttons or snaps are known as:
Choose one answer:    
a)    Closures         
b)    Finishing         
c)    Last steps         
d)    Hanger appeal        

3. You can prevent your hand-sewing thread from tangling by:
Choose one answer:
a)    Unwinding it from the spool counterclockwise         
b)    Wetting the thread         
c)    Pulling the thread through a disk of beeswax several times         
d)    Putting sewing machine oil on the thread        
4. Who is a dresser’s supervisor?
Choose one answer:    
a)    Wardrobe Head         
b)    Stage Manager         
c)    Actor         
d)    Director        

5. If your dresser notes say to strike a costume piece you:
Choose one answer:         
a)    stop working         
b)    remove the item         
c)    shine a light on it         
d)    wash it        

6. In wardrobe a cookie refers to:
Choose one answer:
a)    bust pads         
b)    post show treat         
c)    heel grip         
d)    pit pads        

7. To puddle a skirt is to:
Choose one answer:    
a)    check the hem all the way around         
b)    make sure the petticoat is attached         
c)    mark the hem length         
d)    place it on the floor so that an actor can step into the waist opening        

8. What is the proper order to fully press a man’s shirt?
Choose one answer:     
a)    Collar, yoke, cuffs, sleeves, back and front panels         
b)    Back, front, sleeves, collar, yoke, cuffs         
c)    Fold it in half, press firmly from the bottom and top         
d)    Only parts that show on stage        

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