LEVEL 2: eSET Projections examination

eSET Level 2 - Projections

Demonstrate your projection skills by taking this rigorous assessment that consists of 100 questions randomly chosen from a comprehensive pool developed by professional technicians in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of video distribution and communication protocols
  • Identification of video connectors
  • Understanding of display systems and video content
  • Basic math in calculating lens ratios and image size
  • Knowledge of industry terminology


Go Live Information
Go Live Date:
February 25, 2020
PROJECTIONS EXAM Guidelines and Exam Development

The Level 2: eSET Projections Exam (with its prerequisite Basic Terms & Safety Exam) may be taken at any time. 

  1. Select "REGISTER HERE" in the course overview. Contact info@usitt.org with any issues accessing your exam.
  2. Resiter and take the Level 1: eSET Basic Terms & Safety Exam as a prerequisite to the Level 2 skills exams.
  3. The Level 1 exam costs $10. The Level 2 skills exams are $45.
  4. Successfully complete the exam in the 40 minute allotted time period.
  5. The online exam is comprised of a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool. Passing score is 80.
  6. Submit the completed exam and recieve a certificate from USITT.

* Limits have been imposed on this test so that each taker can only make 4 attempt

A curriculum and study guide accompanies the exam and includes:

Reference Materials

Curriculum Guide


The projections skills working group consists of:

Davin Gaddy – Committee Chair
Joshua Weisberg
Jorge Salomone
Monte Davis
Erik Koehler
Daniel Fine
Peter Thompson


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eSET Projections examination
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