LEVEL 1: eSET Basic Terms & Safety examination

eSET Level 1 - Basic Terms & Safety

There are standard terms and knowledge expected of all persons working in entertainment. From what the parts of a typical theatre are called e.g. fly rail, grid, downstage, proscenium, to basic safety knowledge of Personal Protective Equipment, what is OSHA and why do we have Safety Data Sheets. This exam covers workplace safety, stage directions, basic theatre architecture and job descriptions common to the entertainment industry, knowledge that is required regardless of where you work.


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February 24, 2020
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eSET Level Basic Terms, Safety, and Personnel

Honesty Policy: By starting any exam, you attest that you are taking the exam for the purpose of confirming your knowledge of the content and will not accept outside input, whether from another person, book, web search, etc, for the purpose of scoring higher on this exam.


Accommodations: If you require assistance to take the exam or require accommodations to allow for an accurate assessment of your knowledge of this content, please contact info@usitt.org to make arrangements before starting the exam.


Attempt Limitations: Please be aware that limits have been imposed on the number of times any one person can take any eSET test. An "attempt" is any time the test is started, whether complete or incomplete, pass or fail. After the first incomplete or unsuccessful attempt, the candidate must wait a minimum of 15 days before a second attempt will be allowed. Only two attempts may be made in any 365 day period.

Candidates must take and pass the Level 1 Exam for any given concentration before attempting a Level 2 - Area Concentration online exams.


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Curriculum Guide and Resources

Reference Materials

Basic Terms & Safety


eSET Safety Lexicon. eSET Venue Lexicon. PDF with terms and definitions available with order. eSET app also available for download from iTunes and Google Play


NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC), 2014 Edition.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration: OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety Training

Technical Theatre Textbooks


The Backstage Handbook An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information 3rd ed.  – by Paul Carter. ISBN-13:2900911747392 Publisher: Broadway Press Publication date (November 1, 1994)


Theatrical Design and Production, 8th ed. – J. Michael Gillette and Rich Dionne. ISBN-13:978-1259922305 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 8 edition (March 13, 2019)


Scene Design and Stage Lighting, 10th ed. – R. Craig Wolf and Dick Block. ISBN-13:978-1111344436 Publisher: Cengage Learning; 10 edition (March 26, 2013)

Curriculum Guide

 The following guide broadly outlines the elements contained within the eSET Basic Terms & Safety on-line examination.

 The test covers seven content areas.


eSET Lexicons for Safety and Venue. One third of the test will be drawn from the lexicon.

Utilize terminology drawn from the lexicon and understand variations/synonyms and regionalisms.

Participants are strongly encouraged to download the eSET App from iTunes (IPhone, IPad) or Google Play (Android)


Safety (General)

Identify accepted safe practice and guidelines associated with theatrical safety. Divided into all areas associated with technical theatre. OSHA guidelines, NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) and the Life Safety Code


Safety (Personal)

Understand, identify and implement best practices and procedures related to personal safety and demonstrate an awareness of the PPE, Life Safety Code and other mandated procedures and guidelines.

Understand the names and functions of organizations such as ANSI, OSHA and NFPA

Basic understanding of Fall Arrest, climbing, ladder usage practices.


Venue (Front of House)

Identify elements of the theatre pertaining to activities associated with the FOH (front of house) including but not limited to work positions, auditorium seating and layout, technical positions (lighting, sound, etc.)


Venue (The Stage)

Identify elements of the theatre pertaining to activities associated with the stage, including but not limited to stage positions, curtains, rigging, technical elements and crew assignments.


Venue (Backstage)

Identify elements of the theatre pertaining to activities associated with the backstage, including but not limited to areas, the shop, load-in/out and crew assignments.


Personnel and Business

Identify work assignments, work positions and overall organizational structure with a focus on the technical aspects of a production.

Specific duties within a company and/or venue.

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