LEVEL 2: eSET Costuming examination

eSET Level 2 - Costuming

This online examination will cover a wide variety of skills and knowledge related to the production and usages of costumes. Areas covered include positions and duties of those working in costume; fabrics and fibers, hand and machine stitches and appropriate usage; machines used the production of costumes; accessories; wigs and makeup; wardrobe and quick change; machines used for the production of costumes; common costume paperwork, tools and safety.


The online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool. The questions are multiple choice and true/false questions covering topics such as:

  • Name the Equipment or Stitches Illustrated
  • Costume Shop/ Studio Terminology
  • Identify Common Historical Garments and Accessories
  • Knowledge of Costume Plots
  • Basic Construction Terms and Techniques
  • Knowledge of Hardware, Tools, & Safety


Go Live Information
Go Live Date:
February 25, 2020
Examination Policies

eSET Level Costuming

Honesty Policy: By starting any exam, you attest that you are taking the exam for the purpose of confirming your knowledge of the content and will not accept outside input, whether from another person, book, web search, etc, for the purpose of scoring higher on this exam.


Accommodations: If you require assistance to take the exam or require accommodations to allow for an accurate assessment of your knowledge of this content, please contact info@usitt.org to make arrangements before starting the exam.


Attempt Limitations: Please be aware that limits have been imposed on the number of times any one person can take any eSET test. An "attempt" is any time the test is started, whether complete or incomplete, pass or fail. After the first incomplete or unsuccessful attempt, the candidate must wait a minimum of 15 days before a second attempt will be allowed. Only two attempts may be made in any 365 day period.

Candidates must take and pass the Level 1 Basics & Safety Exam before attempting a Level 2 - Costuming online exam. Those holding a Level 2 certificate will be eligible to take the Level 3 - Costuming practical exam.


Speaker Information
eSET Costuming Working Group  [ view bio ]
Curriculum Guide & Resources

Reference Materials

eSET Costuming Lexicon. PDF with terms and definitions available with order. eSET app also available for download from iTunes and Google Play


Curriculum Guide and Resources

eSET Study Guide


The following guide broadly outlines the elements contained within the eSET Costume on-line examination.

The test covers ten content areas.

eSET Lexicons for Costume. One third of the test will be drawn from the lexicon.

Utilize terminology drawn from the lexicon and understand variations/synonyms and regionalisms


  • Safety
    • Identify and understand the usage of Personal Protective Equipment


  • Fabric
    • Fibers
    • Weaving, Knitting and Felting
    • Finishes
    • Use the proper terminology to identify the parts of fabric


  • Tools and Notions
    • Identify closures by description/photo
    • Understand the best practices for selecting a closure
    • Identify hand tools by description/photo
    • Identify cutting tools and their functions


  • Machines
    • Parts of a typical sewing machine
    • Identify the various machines capable of putting materials together
    • Identify which machine to use for which type of stitch


  • Clothing
    • Articles of clothing and where these items are worn on the body


  • Non-clothing Area of Costume
    • Accessories and Craft
    • Wig/Hair
    • Makeup


  • Wardrobe
    • Stage directions
    • Tasks and expectations of dressers
    • Wardrobe maintenance
    • Quick change and preset protocols


  • Personnel
    • Position titles and duties assigned to those roles within a company and/or venue
    • Hierarchy of the positions within costume


  • Costume Construction
    • Cutting/Draping- techniques and tools used to create patterns and cut fabric
    • Stitching- Identification and selection of stitches, both hand and machine
    • Paperwork. Identify paperwork used in communication and tracking of information about costumes
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